Campbell Design was founded and continues to operate based upon a strong set of core values.


Building Lasting Relationships:

In whatever we endeavor to do, we are in it for the long haul. We consider the relationships we build the first measure of the work that we do, because relationships that span years or decades say that trust has been earned and we have delivered as promised with satisfaction.


Integrity & Accountability in Actions:

Clear communications about how we approach our business and will work with you is where we believe integrity begins. Living up to what we say we will do is how trust is earned. Being accountable for our actions and expecting the same in others is why we are respected in our industry, in our community, and by our clients.


Collaboration Gets Things Done:

Working together in a mindset of collaboration has proven to us time and time again what incredible results can be realized. Better design solutions … solving unique construction challenges … uncovering better resources … valuing everyone involved and getting them involved from the onset is the way to assure total satisfaction and exceeding your expectations. 


Profitable Win-Win:

It is our belief that whatever we do, everyone should profit from it ... the builder … ourselves … and most important of all, you the client. We design as if it is our own money on the table, and create solutions that we hope will help business continuously flow through your doors and keep coming back for more.


Being of Service:

At work, in the community, at home, we believe that being of service to others is the right way to be. Understanding that little things can make a big difference in working with us, we are dedicated to being responsive, accessible, and considerate to your concerns at all times.


Continuous Innovation and Improvement:

We believe that what we do truly makes a difference in making the world a better place to live and work in creating environments that enhance quality of life in the community as a whole. Therefore, we are in a continuous state of seeking new and better ways to do things, and then educating our clients as we become aware and can share.